The ability to find new patterns

new patternsThe ability to find new patterns that work in changing markets endures. Trading plays come in and out of favor like significant others in your early twenties. We all do not know that much about the markets, even after 15 years of trading, because our market’s data is always changing. For example, I had never traded against  algorithms for most of my trading career, and then they just appeared without warning dominating a new trading reality. How I pulled money from the markets in 2003 or 1991 or even 2009 is distinct from how I trade today. Having said all of that, then isn’t it best to pick a path that is most responsible and builds a trading base to adapt to ever-changing markets?

Think about this path, the path of Pippen:

• Lose money.
• Lose less money.
• Flat for the month.
• Slightly positive for the month.
• Consistently positive for the month.
• Find more opportunities in the setups you are consistently profitable.
• Build from this positive base by adding other trading plays.
• Focus on getting bigger in the plays that make the most sense to you.

Mike Bellafiore

Igor Marinkovic

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