PlayBook can be applied to all markets

PlayBookThe PlayBook can be applied to all markets. No matter how tempted you might be to think otherwise, markets are markets. There’s a universal trading psychology that applies to all of them. The temptation of a bad trader—perhaps I should be fair and say the unseasoned or untrained trader—to short when you should go long exists everywhere. By the same token, great traders are all alike in the sense that their passion, willingness to invest in their trading future and relentless dedication to learn more and to become better than they currently are is universal. Whether you are a trader in Singapore, London, Russia, Brazil, Australia, or Hong Kong, you can be sure the mindset of your market’s great traders is the same: They find the setups that make the most sense to them, then internalize this knowledge, get bigger in their best setups and then act – trade -on it. This is your path to becoming a “proper” trader. Mike Bellafiore

Igor Marinkovic

Electronic engineer, futures trader and property investor and total beginner in making good web sites