This business is simple – Larry Hite

Larry HiteI believe I had to get into this business because it was simple. There are just a few questions you got to ask yourself. It’s like a checklist that you have to go through. I’m going to go through those questions, discuss them with you, and they can save you a lot of grief. I don’t know that they will make you a lot of money, but mostly they do. I mean, making money in the markets is more simple than it’s not. The trouble is that sometimes you get in the way, or if you’re working for a firm, they get in the way, because there are a lot of social implications. First I’m going to tell you a little about math. I have a guy that works for me, [who] graduated from Wharton, magna cum laude, and we were sitting around one day and we were, I don’t remember what we were doing but we had to figure out the compounded rates of return, and instead of using a calculator we were just looking at the numbers and doing it in our heads. He was young and just out of college, and he kind of felt puffed up about it. You know, it made us feel smart, which is a rare feeling for me. Then I said to him, “You know Michael, the problem with this is anybody can do this with six dollar calculator. You don’t have to be a phi beta kappa. Anybody can do this. Larry Hite

Igor Marinkovic

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