Mindfulness can address many aspects of trading psychology

Mindfulness can address many aspects of trading psychology. Traders interested in improving performance and developing a personal trading psychology edge should consider building the practice of mindfulness meditation into their daily routines. In short, the development of mindfulness skills helps the trader:

  • MindfulnessReduce stress
  • Tame the fear response
  • Counter the strong tendency toward loss aversion
  • Strengthen decision making
  • Strengthen internal emotional regulation
  • Improve and develop emotional intelligence
  • Reduce the dominance of intuitive decision making and cognitive error
  • Increase deliberative attention
  • Better see the market and its trading opportunities
  • Stay on task
  • Overcome the negative‐reinforcing properties of ineffective trading
  • Enhance overall psychological well‐being.

Dr Gary Dayton

Igor Marinkovic

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