One dimensional traders

One dimensional traders just pick stocks, if they are right they win for a while, but eventually they do not stop out when they are wrong and they blow up their account. They also eventually get emotionally frustrated from wild equity swings¬† and they eventually quit and blame the market. –¬†Alexander Elder

Alexander Elder

Igor Marinkovic

Electronic engineer, futures trader and property investor and total beginner in making good web sites


  1. So now hang on… I though the idea was to get to know a hand full of stocks so well that you start to understand them and the other traders, and also robots, trading them. I always thought that jumping from stock to stock for each new trade was foolish as I had no idea what the dynamics of the continuous stream of new stocks are. Therefore I believed that by choosing say 5 to start with, getting to know them inside out, backwards and upside down, and then trading in those stocks only, was the way to go.

  2. I would say knowing 5 shares is limitting your possibilities. I would rather focus on building playbook as Mike Bellafoire for SMB would say and than execute that playbook on selection of stocks.

    When I started trading was looking about 30-40 shares and was totally lost, only after few years I focused on index trading and that was good.

    Most things in trading depends where are you in the process of becoming best trader ever

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