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Change is inevitable, and knowledge is immortal. Trading Wisdoms aims to put distilled knowledge of investment, trade and market by quoting stalwarts of the industry. We at TradingWisdoms.com believe that acquiring information is like gathering experiences and reactions which can be used to perform a little action only. Using the knowledge to make the right decision is what makes a trader successful in the longer run.

We read and collect hundreds of pieces of advice by greatest investors of our time and make them small pieces of a lesson for readers. Trading Wisdoms is not a regular trade quotes collection website but a handy bookmark and highlighter tool which focuses on valuable and authentic guidance on trading and investment.

The knowledge is indeed power and the service run by Igor Marinkovic is priceless. A seasoned trader by virtue and an engineer by profession. He has over a decade of successful investing acumen and numerous performing portfolios and assets. He believes “90% of value in trading and investment is generated by basic principles shared through small trade quotes, and 10% is through an actionable routine using one’s setup.” We make you think before investing.

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” ― Socrates 

Trading Wisdoms

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